Acoustic Imaging

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With our extensive experience of acoustic imaging and the variety of applications for the various systems, we are well placed to help our clients find the right solution for their individual needs.

We offer a comprehensive service, helping each client to address the specific problem they are facing, determining the most suitable hardware and software, and supplying the required tools. To complement this, we also offer unparalleled technical support and advice.

We have worked hard to ensure we can provide a flexible service to suit an array of requirements. As a result we have brought together a wide range of products from renowned European brands including GFal, Microflown and MicrodB. This includes many types of measuring and monitoring devices, from acoustic cameras to transducers and in-situ absorption setups.

Alongside the hardware we offer a variety of software solutions for acoustic imaging systems. When AcSoft was originally established in 1994 we understood that the future of the sector was likely to be software-based measuring systems because they offered more flexibility and better performance. We took this belief and set out to find the most dynamic, reliable products on the market.

We hold the same philosophy to this day and strive to offer the very best software to get the maximum returns from the hardware. Our range includes products from market leaders like Listen Inc and Sinus Messtechnik. We will help each client to choose the right option for the devices they are using.

Analysis and reporting software has advanced in huge leaps and bounds since we first set out in our industry, and we have kept up with every development in the field. The products can collect data effectively, collate it with ease and present it in a useful form. This information can then be used to help you find an effective solution to any issue.

We work closely with each client so we can advise them about which products to opt for to suit their application. We aim to deliver user-friendly solutions that will provide fast, accurate, reliable data whenever it is needed.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are always ready to work with clients in businesses both large and small, regardless of the application they have in mind. We are also a sponsoring organisation of the Institute of Acoustics so you can rely on us to offer professional and supportive services.